Lorena is devoted to delivering beauty.
Her stunning and elegant living plant-based food preparations are a testament to that.

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Enjoy top level 1-to-1 teaching in the comfort of your own home or get the best professional training for your kitchen staff. Whatever your specific needs are, Lorena tailors her classes to them.


Become the most vibrant and healthy version of you. Lorena can guide and assist you through your own personal journey into a healthy and balanced raw food lifestyle.


Lorena is working alongside raw and superfood brands to develop recipes and snacks for the public.

If you are a discerning, health-conscious man or woman who wants to tap into the power and deliciousness of raw and living foods, you have come to the right place.

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What They’re Saying

“I am really learning to eat and prepare raw food this time!
Lorena's culinary knowledge in raw vegan food is vast and inspiring.
Her classes are well organized and packed full of delicious and creative recipes without animal products.
She makes healthy eating easy, plenty of options and exciting.
Lorena is a great instructor and among the preeminent ones in the natural food industry today.”

Margaret GuerraFounder of Yogami

“Lorena is very talented, the way she moves, how she touches the food...
You can see that she feels it, respects it, is part of her”


“Class was fantastic!!! Well done. Great recipe book!”

Suzanne Karri

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